Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Date: 2nd June 2018

Organisers: CED (Denmark), IENO (Norway) and ACES (Sweden)

The event “Bridging European Science” was created as an international forum for scientific interactions between universities, companies and the public sector in the Nordic countries and Spain.

The first edition took place in Lund 2016, organized by the associations of Spanish researchers in Sweden and Denmark. The event is inspired by the Øresund Science Region (ÖSR), a cross-border initiative that aims to bring together regional authorities, businesses and universities. The lack of synergy observed between research and industry across the Swedish-Danish border triggered the ÖSR initiative, which fosters the development of the cross-border region to promote knowledge-based economic development. The second edition took place in Berlin 2018, incorporating the association of Spanish researchers in Germany as part of the organization. In the third edition we had an organizing team of associations from three nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The cooperative spirit is characteristic of the nordic countries and necessary to solve the global challenges of today. For this reason we organized this event for the third time, with a focus in three key areas: medicine, sustainability and space. Another key element for scientific cooperation is scientific diplomacy, thus, we had a section with a round table of scientific diplomacy. In this edition, we focused this round table in scientific diplomacy in space because international collaboration is a key element of space research and research in space. Finally, in order to achieve good scientific cooperation, we need to communicate complex topics in a clear way. For that, in this event we included a series of workshops of science communication that can complement the education of the science professionals that participate in the event.

Last but not least, a number of participants presented their research as a poster during the event and specifically during the poster session. The main goal of this event was to continue growing and establish an international network based on knowledge and excellence, by pursuing the following aims:

  • Bridge european research and innovation
  • Emphasize the path from basic science to technology transfer
  • Promote networking, mobility and collaborations within Europe
  • Highlight outstanding science developed by Spanish researchers
  • Disseminate the science that will shape our close future
  • Bring closer new discoveries in science and technology to the public



  • Spanish Embassy in Denmark: Mr. Manuel Hernández Gamallo
  • Chairman of ACES: Francisco Vilaplana
  • Chairman of IENO: Pilar Ayuda
  • Chairman of CED: Enric Juan
  • Director of FECYT: Mrs. Imma Aguilar (streaming)
  • Spanish Science Minister: Mrs. Diana Morant Ripoll (streaming)


  • James Webb Space Telescope by Begoña Vila (NASA)
  • Radar Earth Observation: More than just images by Matteo Emanuelli (Airbus Space and Defense)
  • Legal and Policy Aspects of Space Resources by Antonino Salmeri (Luxembourg University)
  • Space instrumentation by José M.G. Merayo (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Round table: space and science diplomacy

Communication workshops

  • Body language, presence and awareness by Juliana Appel
  • Storytelling by Belen Jiménez Mena
  • Writing communication by Laura Martínez


  • Personalized medicine for cancer by Vicent Pelechano (Karolinska Institute)
  • CRISPR/CAS by Francis J.M. Mojica (University of Alicante)
  • Functional precision medicine by Sigrid S. Skånland (Oslo University Hospital) (streaming)


  • Biomass Conversion and Biotechnology by Solange Mussatto (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Molecular Nanotechnology by Javier García Martínez (University of Alicante)
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by Ricardo Vinuesa (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm)

Alternative careers in science

  • Oscar Huertas
  • Adeline Marcos
  • Ignacio Crespo

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